And Now I’m A Professional Quitter

Three weeks as a medical receptionist and I marched in there today and gave my notice.



My manager nodded, extended her apologies and then said, “We find it hard to keep receptionists here.”


Note sarcasm

Dear God

Please find me a job soon that won’t do my head in and turn me into an unhinged mad woman.



P.S Jesus is awesome.




God Bless My Cotton Socks I’m Out Of Retail!

Sales targets, aggressive sales tactics and getting hauled over the coals for not closing sales is over!

Frustrated Customer Service Agent

I’m out of retail and relieved and happy about it.

Now that I am scarred for life (I’m now forever cursed to walk into a shop with the knowledge that the sale assistant will deviously create rapport to psychologically profile me, to up-sell, add-on and close the sale! And here I was living in my small minded naivety that I would be helping people find really nice things and make them happy with their purchase, thou fool!

So I scored a job as a medical receptionist. I’m looking forward to being coughed on, sicked up on and being around Ebola.

Unfortunately, my roster includes Thursdays which was my weekly time slot for my radio talk show. I had to resign from my sparkling conversationalist position. The week after I did this the show went statewide… darn it! And that is the way my cookie crumbles!

P.S. I have finished being a producers assistant for the comedy theatre performance of Mort. It looks good on my resumé, but remind me to never do it again. Soooo much grunt work, no pay and a lot of headaches.

Life is good. I’m out of retail.

Praise The Lord.

I think I’ll get back into writing…