What Is it Like Producing A Live Theatrical Production

Since I have taken on Assistant to the Producer for a local theatre group, called Naked Villainy – it sounds risqué but it is a Shakespearean allusion.

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The actor and backstage positions for Mort have been filled. Phew, I wipe the sweat from my brow as the performance is only three weeks away.

We have builders slaving away on the massive stage set, many people sourcing and making props; the cast are rehearsing and perfecting each scene and my director Sharon Kennedy, looks like she could do with a five espressos.

Producing a full scale production for three performances at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre is, how to put this, er, say this elegantly… I need an understatement .. is just mental.

I run around putting up posters all over town to catch the attention of our theatre and entertainment loving locals and I’m on a social media campaign which keeps my hands connected to my keyboard when I’m not working. I have called every school in the greater SouthWest inviting them to our Senior High School matinée on Friday August 1st. I’m currently harassing journalists to do a story on our play – they are hard to get hold of but enthusiastic about our theatre group presenting Mort, the comedy play by writer Terry Pratchett.

So it is a bit busier than I first visualised.

I’ll be honest, I took on the gig of Producer because I thought it involved me wearing fur-trimmed jackets, swanning around rehearsals sipping on lattes…


I usually have to learn things the hard way. It is fun, but I’ll be glad when it is over. Fingers crossed that it is a sensational success!