Awesome Quote

“I never thought of losing, but now that it’s happened, the only thing is to do it right. That’s my obligation to all the people who believe in me. We all have to take defeats in life.” ~ Muhammad Ali


Rich & Famous…

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer. Jim Carrey

Why I don’t like Bunbury, Western Australia

Every time I say that I don’t particularly like living in Bunbury, I receive the same reaction: a look of utter astonishment, followed by incomprehension and then the rebuke – WHAAAT! This place is paradise! What is wrong with you?

So many things, but let’s not get into that.

Bunbury has loads of everything:

Bunbury is called the city on three waters. Driving home I pass Back Beach and catch a glimpse of the Indian ocean’s waves jostling and exalting local surfers; I pass by the calm Koombana bay with its golden sands, family friendly waters and peaceful pelicans; and then drive home in relative ease past the serene Leschanault Estuary. Nearly every night, this popular waterway is jotted with people crabbing and fishing. There are kookaburras laughing, cormorants majestically airing their wings and black swans gliding through this estuary, and I enjoy all this against a backdrop of a glorious burnished pink sunset.

It is truly horrible.

I work in the CBD right in the middle of the famous cappuccino strip, which boasts a vibrant café culture, world class restaurants and boutique stores. Uh – meh. We even have a… what I affectionately call: The Bunbury Yeller. We have our own madman who walks around Bunbury shouting crazy stuff. He livens up the place and I have grown quite fond of him, but I still avoid him like the plague if he is on a rant. He must be on good meds, because he has been pretty quiet of late. I miss his verbal havoc.

Even though Bunbury is WA’s 3rd largest city, Bunbury is small enough for you to meet and get to know people. It enjoys a regional town atmosphere with a city label. Every day I park 500 metres from the city centre in the jetty car park, so I can walk to work along the Estuary promenade. Every day I see herons, sea gulls and a few bottle nosed dolphins. I once saw a baby stingray cruising along the shoreline. I enjoy the early morning sunlight dancing on the rippling waters, and during summer, the warmth from the Australian sun heats up the small of my back so I arrive to work toasty and content. Come to think of it, I enjoy about 3000 hours of sunshine in Western Australia. In fact us Bunbury-ites enjoy a fairly temperature climate: about 30 degrees in summer and 14 in winter.

I even live near a river that hosts hundreds of butterflies during their breeding season and where a tribe of kangaroos live. I once witnessed a big grey kangaroo bound across the road when I walked to the local shops. How cool is that… meh.

So what am I complaining about… paradise is boring.

I hang my head in shame for I am an ungrateful spoilt westernised brat.

Also, do you know that Bunbury is only one hour from the famous Margaret River renowned world over for its surfing & wineries. Yep, been there, so whatevs.

And Saturday nightlife in Bunners is pretty lively. The Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre received 10 million dollars in funding and has gone all state of the art and offers cultural activities and entertainment. Enjoy a Saturday evening in Bunbury… if you don’t mind pushing past drunken, brawling and yahooing bogans. Oh! thank goodness, I found one legitimate complaint.

As my favourite comedian says: What is wrong with all you Australians? There you are, golden sun beating down on you, surrounded by sparkling emerald oceans, lying on a beach, drinking your banana and guava smoothies and you say … “This place is rubbish! I’m going to the other side of the world to the freezing cold to live in a cupboard with 8 other people.”

I won’t be doing that.

I’m considering changing my attitude to Bunbury and appreciating what I’ve got… hmmm, it’ll probably be easier moving.

AAAAAA Messed up

How to kill an English Teacher with Cheese

I’m having lunch with my better half and I say, “This is the most mildest cheese ever! Bleeergh!” (I don’t get Brie, yuk, may as well be a lump of firm cream with funny white edges.)
“You can’t say that.”
“Just did, so there.” Came my mature response.
“You used a double superlative.”
“Serious!? – Are you going to get all English teacher on me. You have dribble on your chin… here let me pass you the most bestest napkin in the world.” I smugly handed my Beloved the napkin.
“There is another thing that you say that is not correct.”
“Don’t care.”
“Your use of, of. There is a problem with your overuse with the word, of.”
There is going to be a problem here if he keeps this up.
“Dear God! Some one call the Grammar Police. Lock me up and throw away the key. How long does someone get for the OF heinous crime?”
“You may not realise it but you say: Get off of the lounge. Get off of me. You don’t need the of – just say get off me.”
I’d like to say that to you now.
“Uh? Is that a crime?”
“Superfluous use of a preposition.”
“Dear God, help me.” And then I stabbed him in the eye with the pointy part of my cracker and cheese.


Did Attila the Hun have a degree in psych?

“Know that your most worthy efforts will be scorned by your peers, for it is they who suffer most when you excel. If your actions and ambitions threaten them not, you’re simply striving to the insignificant.” ~ Atilla the Hun

Yep, Attila certainly understood human nature.

But we know that good friends are genuinely happy for our successes. Maybe old Attila just needed a real mate.

Attila, I’d like to introduce you to Conan… Conan, Attila *how do you do* *nice to meet you ect* Why don’t you boys go off to lunch and discuss rampaging and killing.