The Funniest Poem Ever

Poem by Teresa. She is 79 and hilarious. You go old gal.


He didn’t like my casserole,

He didn’t like my cake,

He said the biscuits were too hard,

Not like his mother used to make.

I didn’t brew his coffee right,

He didn’t like my stew,

He said I didn’t mend his sox,

The way his mother used to do,

So I pondered the answer,

Searching for a clue,

Then I turned around and smacked him one,

Just like his mother used to do.


Awesome.  OK… so it isn’t the funniest poem ever, but it’s darn amusing.




What! Are you kidding Me!


If you walk into the Perth airport, get ready to add 20, 50 or even a 100 bucks to everything and anything you want to buy.


What’s the deal with this teeny-tiny jar?

$45 bucks for Yabbies?!

If you’re not familiar with yabbies,

think small Australian freshwater crayfish thingies.


I used to catch them for free at the local creek.

I did see a sign I really liked.


Carry on


So I did.

I didn’t realise the sign referred to luggage and not behaviour.

Someone should make that distinction.

Healed From Cancer



Meet Hans & Grace

Hans & Grace 


Photo caption: Hans and Grace Amesz are rejoicing in the fact Hans has been healed of cancer by God, and by the amazing power of prayer. Hans was given the all-clear on Thursday June 27 by his doctor, after being told in April he had six months to live owing to an aggressive form of lymphoma, a blood cancer. Hans decided to stop chemotherapy and put all his trust in God. The couple, who attend the Morley Fellowship in Perth, visited Bunbury soon after the doctor visit to share their good news.


This is Hans Amesz’s experience in his own words…


“In April 2013 I was diagnosed with a serious spreading lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. From biopsies carried out last year, I discovered I had the most aggressive of the 40 different types of lymphoma cancer. This cancer had been evident for two years but had not been spreading at that stage.

Various treatments, including normal chemotherapy, which began in November 2011, and a new oral drug, failed to address my cancer.

In early April 2013, a scan showed that the cancer had spread rapidly throughout my lower body. I was advised that my situation was serious.

The senior specialist advised me: ‘You have got six months… if you do nothing.’

He strongly advised an urgent double-chemotherapy treatment spread over four months to try to stop the cancer.

The following week I underwent a gruelling three-day chemo session, the first of many. Days later, I was hospitalised for seven days in an isolation ward because of the very bad side effects.

My immune system was almost destroyed. Doctors decided I needed a ‘platelets’ blood transfusion to bring my blood count to normal. I was in a bad way. I had lost my hair, lost my immune system, felt sick, looked sick and felt weak.

I felt then that the Lord was telling me something: that this was the wrong path.

There was a voice inside me saying that this sickness was in order to glorify God, that the Lord would heal me His way, and that it would be an incredible testimony.

Weeks later, I was due for a second round of chemotherapy, but I refused.

I had made my mind up that this was not the way. I decided to trust in the Lord our God, no matter what happened. The doctor then advised me to do a scan and reassess the situation.

Just days before the appointed PET scan, there was a prayer and fast Saturday at the Perth Fellowship, during which Grace and I appealed to the Lord.

Also that afternoon, Pastor Kevin Quirk laid hands on me and prayed for my healing.

I had the scan a few days later in mid-May but heard nothing back.

Then a letter arrived to advise me that the date for the check up and report on the scan would be June 27 – many weeks away. Grace accompanied me to that check up on the appointed date.

To our great joy, the senior specialist advised me that on the scan no trace of cancer was evident anywhere. The scans the specialist showed us on his desktop screen were startling proof of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ situations.

Wow! Hallelujah!

We told the specialist it was Jesus who had healed me. His reply was that he wished he could be more spiritual but he was not.

Later, he told me that I was a very lucky man. I replied that luck had nothing to do with this: it was Jesus who healed me.

I thank all my Spirit-filled brothers and sisters in the Fellowship for all their constant prayers. Wow – the Lord has answered them. Praise the Lord God and Jesus his Son.

Praising the Lord…

Hans and Grace


P.S We have miraculous healings

all the time in my church – The Revival fellowship.

God is cool.