I don’t miss writing at all…

Has it really been 2 months since I wrote something?


About the same time I scored a job at the high-end, luxury jewellery store, Ninas  – talk about La-dee-dah. So, I get dressed up every day, foof my hair, slap on the lippy and faff about selling lovely things.

During the last 2 months, I didn’t write one thing and surprisingly I haven’t missed it. I’ve been too busy learning the retail ropes, but I still collect things that amuse me… my bag is full of partially crumpled, scribbled bits of paper. There are so many funny things in life if you can catch them.

So why do I like working in a real job?

A: I get paid.

B: I get paid


C: Getting paid is awesome. I independently published 3 books via Amazon and despite sales (Amazon are dodgy recording sales and delivering royalties) I have received only $20.00, so getting a decent wage once a fortnight is awesome.

I luff getting paid. Being a struggling poor writer for the past 5 years really limited my life. Last Thursday night I caught Arj Barker & Joel Ozborn’s stand up show and it was good to get out and grab some laughs. Before my employment, I could only press my face against the glass and stare longing at all the comedy shows. Now I can go, and do other fun stuff – like visit the world… so now I’m saving up for a trip to England, Scotland & Ireland next year in August.

Now comes the hard part, saving my hard-earned moolahs instead of spending it.