What Is This Sorcery?


This is my new expression for “WHY?!” and

 all the fist shaking towards the heavens…

that doesn’t achieve much but makes one feel a whole lot better.


“What is this sorcery?” lacks the drama but emphasises the humour in any disappointing event or unsatisfactory situation. I’ll tell you why I used it today.


In a recent blog I wrote about scoring an interview with Spirit Radio that I waited over a week for the call back. No call-back. So being the proactive, go-getter, full-of-confidence person that I pretend to be, I called Darren up and enquired about the job. He actually sounded happy to hear me and said not to worry. He was slammed by the monster month of August and assured me he would call me to let me know about the job.

Good Darren… No, Bad Darren.


Why? Because I liked Spirit Radio on Facebook and two days later what status update did I spy?: “Hello everyone, insert ‘my-opponent-who-got-the- job-and-I-didn’t-name-here, has joined our sales team & he brings his experience and expertise to Spirit Radio and blah blah blah.”


Darren you did not call but let me see the full horror on Facebook. I cried out, “What is this sorcery? Total Dang-It!” My husband replied, “What are you going on about now?” So I calmly interpreted my initial expression into normal people language: “I didn’t score the job with Spirit Radio.” My beloved responded,”Their loss.” Which is a mandatory response in this circumstance. It made me feel loads better. Oh well, pick up despondent expression and solider onto the next job opportunity.




How To False Advertise

Even this title is misleading…

But you are here now and you have 15 seconds to kill… it will even put a smile on your face. If not, leave a disgruntled comment complaining about the nano seconds you wasted reading this blog.

This is how the false advertising starts. I uploaded my revised version of the ENTERPRISE because I’m finishing up the author gig and getting a real job that pays an actual wage. The Kindle version is already available but the soft cover will be available in 5 to 7 working days. I clicked on the link and cruised over to check out my new book and this is what it said

BEST BOOKS OF 2013 So Far!

Here’s the proof:

#1 Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 3.41.28 PM

Check out the gold sticker to the right of my book, ‘Best Books of 2013 So Far’. Pretty awesome huh!

How did they have time to read it! I just uploaded it. Whoever awarded me this has excellent literary taste, a perceptive mind and astute… yeah yeah, I photoshopped it!

Here is the original.

#2 Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 3.41.28 PM

Thus concluding that I have too much time on my hands and in dire need of a real job. So I called up Spirit Radio and Darren answered and assured me that the job was still open. He was caught up with the mad August month and hadn’t decided yet. Darren said not to worry & he’d call me. Fingers and tootsies still crossed.

Check out the new cover of the The ENTERPRISE… http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EKYHFQE

From Author to Job Seeker

There is a job going at Spirit Radio Station? Awesome!

 I’ll apply for that.

But do you have experience and qualifications?

Pfft! Don’t bug me with minor inconsequential details.

What I lack in those areas, I make up for in sass & charm.

I’ve finished independent authorhood. I gave it a good go for about seven years and it is time to move on, so I’m looking for a real job (even though I’m editing my first book before I independently publish it in soft cover – I call it tying up loose ends and not me having separation issues).

Looking and applying for real jobs can be an interesting experience. It’s the clichéd bashing your head against a concrete wall. All  the talking yourself up, the sauntering in with the flash clothes, the big smile and giving all the right answers is so exhausting and incredibly phony. I’m over it.. until I got a call back for Spirit Radio. It wasn’t to chat on the airwaves but market and service their advertising contracts.


I have never done that before but that didn’t seem to bother them. I tell you, Darren and Ash from Spirit Radio are top guys who told me the brutal truth about the job. The pay can be crummy but the rewards and work flexibility are great. Also, you get days of rejection but a resilient spirit can deal with that. Daren asked me, “Did I have experience with rejection?”

Oh LOL laugh and hardy ha! I’m an independent author. Rejection and criticism has been my livelihood for the past seven years. (I omitted to tell them as soon as I get one rejection I curl up into a little ball and cry like a little girl for half an hour. Hey, I’m working on it.)

Any way, the job is between me and a New Zealand guy. I shot Darren a knowing look and he said, “yeah, he’s already on the back foot” and we laughed. Yes, I’m joking. I love my New Zealand brothers and sisters. So, I’m hovering over the phone gleefully answering the phone in the hope I’ve scored a very cool job. If I miss out on this job, I will hit the employment pages… again… that’s after I crawl up into a ball and cry like a little girl.

Editing Hell

It’s a good feeling having my actual book in my hands, but

it’s only the proof copy & still needs reworking before publishing it.

I’m up to chapter five and I have found loads of things I don’t like…


Maybe, pink sparkly pen will make me

feel better about the editing process?


Nup, not really. A mess is a mess whatever colour you put it in.

I’m glad I had just read this blog link. This was a timely read and great for aspiring and published authors.

Check it out. It is filled with hints and tips about being an author and the initial manuscript ~


I don’t know the blogger, so this is not motivated to support friend – it’s just an informative and very helpful read.