I’m on the ABC Radio with actor Rhys Hughes.

I’m Having Fun this Friday. Join Me & Tune in.

I’m on the 684 ABC radio this Friday from 4.30 to 5.00. I’ll let you know what ‘fun things’ we’ll be chatting about (hope it’s not roads, the Australian federal budget or the art of paint drying again) Actor, Rhys Hughs is joining us. He was in the paper this week. I’m going to draw a funny face on the pic with black marker & give it to him.


Rhys is a top young man whose day job is mass genocide of creepy crawlies (pest exterminator) and at night he tears up the theatre stage.

Last time we were on The Wrap together, Barry Nichols – the host, introduced Rhys Hughes as pest exterminator by day and ‘thespian’ by night.  Many listeners were upset with Barry for being so rude to Rhys. They thought he called Rhys a lesbian. I lost it.


Author to Production Assistant

So Do You Want To Start A Radio Station?


I’m giving the author gig a break so why not!

Now I have entered the twilight zone of bit rates, sound quality, sourcing talks and social media campaigns.

Designing the website lasted all of five minutes before I passed that over to my technical director.


It’s bright and fresh with a simple functionality: TRF Talk Radio

My job as Social Media Marketing Expert started with creating a Facebook page and outlining a Twitter & Facebook plan.

After creating press releases and marketing campaigns for my books, this was easy to do.

Check out the Link to the TRF Talk Radio Facebook page http://on.fb.me/18t0bYa

This production assistant gig is only part-time, completely different to anything I have done before, and a lot of fun. The talks and personal stories all come from the church I go to – the Revival Fellowship where we talk about the simple truth about God backed up by the Bible. My new job is a short contract of only 2 months, so I’ll see what happens next… until then – putting headphones on and listening to the new web radio, TRF Talk Radio.

The Unwritten Rules: Writers And Cafe Etiquette

I’ve independently published three books, have two other books currently considered by two separate Lit agents and am working on my sixth novel. However, I’ve decided to get a real job so I need to finish writing my latest book.

Normally, I work away at my desk but I needed a change and to see sunlight. I’ve forgotten what it looks like and my legs are bowing from a case of rickets.

I visited a café in town and soaked up the lively atmosphere, the strong smell of coffee and buttery pastries.

I began typing away and then I wondered what the café etiquette is for writers?

How long can I sit here before I should order another drink?

The Unwritten Rules

Be upfront:

I asked the waitress if she minded if I worked here. Not at all as long as I ‘paid my way’. If I mainlined coffee and munched on things that I should not (pretty things loaded with fat and sugar) then can I sit at table near a power point? Of course.

I ordered a drink straight away and something to munch on.

Then I ordered drinks steadily during my stay so I didn’t sponge off their hospitality – they are a business after all.

Also, one coffee does not justify staying three hours and if you are staying longer than five, prepare to buy a meal.

To stay in the café’s good books I enquired into their social media presence: I asked the café if it had Twitter account or Facebook page, and then promoted them as being friendly to authors. Now they love me.


Writers Café Etiquette: Pay for your time

by ordering a meal or a few drinks

  • Also If you intend to stay a while, ask staff where would be the best place to sit.
  • You don’t want to cop resentful glares but taking up a prime pozzie.

Hint for writers: Rotate your working space as it brings new stimulation: café hop and enjoy the new scenery.

It’s a lot cheaper to write from home but fun to write in a café every now and then.


YAY! Great news!

…so it’s a Newsagency, not a book store, but I don’t care!

After all the pounding and the continual humiliating supplication for book stores to stock and sell my book: Funny Australian Letterboxes: the Bunbury Centrepoint Newsagency stocked 20 copies on prominent display.


It will be an interesting exercise in commercial viability.

It may not sell, but I can feel validated in the fact that I gave it a good go: I snapped off all the pics and created the captions, undertook the publishing and carried out the marketing palaver.

Now I’m off to get a real job.

Thanks everyone. x

Thanks To Julie West & her superstar team at Bunbury news for giving a local author a go!

Me & book

Here’s my way-cool book stand with advertising promo and price.

My book

The smiling Jess at the Bunbury Centrepoint News sign with all the cigarette prices, ironically entitled with the Quit Line’s phone number.

Happy jess

It’s Published

I’ve published three books but my first novel, an offbeat thriller: The ENTERPRISE, was only published on Amazon Kindle, but I took the plunge and independently published a soft cover. I received my proof copy today, which I’ll read and edit for the last time before I publish it on Amazon.

Seeing as I’m finishing full-time authorhood, I want to tie up all the loose ends before I embark on the fun and fascinating world of full-time employment  drudgery.

So here it is: The ENTERPRISE



What is really going on in The Australian High Commission, located in the pulsating and treacherous India… or more precisely, underneath it?

An ambitious assistant, Sunny Depravi, discovers his reputable place of employment could be tainted with corruption. What’s more, his boss, Carl Faroe – the Deputy High Commissioner could also be involved.

Sunny has spent the last three years striving for a promotion. Will this revelation change his game plan? Will Sunny pursue the truth or play the game and get ahead?

Stumbling upon a top-secret document opens up a whole new world to Sunny – a world where no one can be trusted… even himself.

The ENTERPRISE is an off-beat thriller, with a host of intriguing characters that delivers the twists and turns.

Forgive me, I took a photo of the back as well, we authors are such sad, sad little creatures.


Is it time to quit being an author?


Any man who keeps working is not a failure. He may not be a great writer, but if he applies the old-fashioned virtues of hard, constant labor, he’ll eventually make some kind of career for himself as writer.  ~ Ray Bradbury


When is it time to give up… or move on? How long does an aspiring author aspire for? How long does an unpublished author persist with that manuscript that maybe beyond redemption?


When should a writer quit the dream &

get a real job?


We’ve read quote after quote about the results of persistence and determination when writing. After writing full-time for the past seven years, I’ve reached a pivotal point in my writing career… now, I’m ready to move on.


I have self-published three books and my two latest books are currently being considered by two Australian Literary agents. But, this year the shine of being an author started to fade. I’m no longer enjoying the independent author treadmill. The creation of characters, stories and books, the publishing, designing covers and media exposure from my press release was fun, but there comes a time where an independent author needs to get paid.

From the last two years of intense writing, editing, marketing & social media promotion, I have invested about one thousand dollars (and I did everything on the cheap) and I have my first and only royalty cheque of $18.00.


The fact is, most independent authors don’t get paid well.


Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators. ~ William Saroyan


I would like to get paid, each week: so I’m seeking full-time employment. Will I write at night? Will I continue to set goals for my author job?… realistically, probably not – instead, I may immerse myself in the moment – enjoy life, catch a few movies and hang out with friends. I still enjoy writing, but it’s time to get paid and move on in life.


Writing has been an adventure, a wonderful learning curve and with three self-published books and two books under agent consideration, at least that looks good on my résumé.


As for me, this is my story: I worked and was tortured. You know what it means to compose? No, thank God, you do not! I believe you have never written to order, by the yard, and have never experienced that hellish torture. ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky


Strangely, I don’t feel like a failure. I have created and produced five books and I’m 2/3 rds of the way through my sixth novel. I’m not giving up, I’m moving on. I’ll keep my blog alive and write about post authorial life.


There ain’t nothing more to write about and I’m rotten glad of it, because if I’d know’d what trouble it was to make a book, I wouldn’t a tackled it.  ~Mark Twain