I published my book.. What! Now I have to write a press release!


I googled my head off concerning book press releases and fortunately my one was simple to do.

There were plenty of people to pay for their expert press release skills – from 200 smackers up to 800 buckaroonis (now this does include their distribution list so they send it off to all their contacts). The big El-Cheapo that I am, armed with my can-do attitude, I wanted to do it myself.

I enjoyed wasting many hours searching press release templates, newspaper editors, press release contacts and radio stations.

I’ve knocked this press release up and sent it to all my local newspapers. I will fling it off to radio stations tomorrow. I didn’t include all the boring contact details, but you get the gist.




Green LB cover

Author MJ Cope, has published her latest book, Funny Australian Letterboxes. Taking a break from raising six kids and publishing an offbeat thriller, THE ENTERPRISE, she looked for something fun to do:

MJ Cope copy

Funny Australian Letterboxes showcases the weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly – ranging from a giant wooden clog, to a rubbish bin, to a Miss Piggy Letterbox.

Great conversation starter, coffee table book and an entertaining present for the hard-to-buy-for: (58 pages rrp $12.28) and ebook (rrp $2.99).


 These amusing snapshots of unusual Australian letterboxes are comically captioned and available from Amazon.

Keep an eye out for Funny Australian Letterboxes Edition 2, released by Amazon, November 2013.


These hash signs indicate the end of the press release.


Why Is My Book In An Indian Online Book Store?!

I’m not complaining…

I didn’t know FUNNY AUSTRALIAN LETTERBOXES would interest an Indian audience.

My offbeat thriller ebook THE ENTERPRISE is set in India. I thought that would hold more appeal to our Indian friends…

Still, this page made me smile when I stumbled upon it.

1  items | Rs    639
Funny Australian Letterboxes: An amusing snapshot of unusual Australian letterboxes, comically captioned. Showcasing the weird, the wonderful and the ... gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for. (Volume 1)

Funny Australian Letterboxes: An amusing snapshot of unusual Australian letterboxes, comically captioned. Showcasing the weird, the wonderful and the … gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for. (Volume 1)

by MJ Cope   Chris L Watkins
Language: English
Imported Edition. (Delivered in 14-21 business days.) See Details

We accept payment by:
Credit Cards Cash Cards
Debit Cards Cheques/DD
Net Banking Cash on delivery service
Price: Rs.707
Our Price Rs.639
Discount Rs.68 (10% Off)
(Prices are inclusive of all taxes)


I Googled 639 rupees and converted it to US dollars.
It is around twelve bucks.
So they are not making and extra money on my book.
Cheers India!

Why Amazon Doesn’t Like Australian Authors


Amazon’s popular publishing platform does not cater for Australian authors?


To publish with Amazon in ebooks or hard covers the author is required  to provide his/her bank details for royalties, even if the book is for free. A prerequisite for publishing with Amazon is the provision of bank details… for expected royalty returns on sales of books.

Amazon has a long list of banks that it deals with, ranging over many countries and denominations – Australia just isn’t one of them.


No Australian bank is listed with Amazon’s long lists of acceptable banks.

No bank account details = no publishing.

Something to tell people before they format their book, design the cover, fill out details, blurbs and spend twelve solid painful hours uploading it… (to give Amazon their due, publishing a book on their Kindle platform is a simple process with clear prompts and helpful advice – it’s just that I am a massive technical Neanderthal).

How do I know that Amazon does not cater for Antipodean Authors?


I downloaded the Kindle formatting and uploading booklet. I followed all the steps arriving at the last step, which was pricing. Imagine my reaction as I scanned all the countries and banks, to find I could not publish owing to a lack of  acceptable bank details. I made the Incredible Hulk look positively sedated. It was two in the morning and I was one click away from glorious ebook publication and no Australian bank listed… meaning no publishing with Amazon.

After all that work, *green bulging muscles ripping through blouse as I grab my laptop and toss it through the glass french doors*.

Fortunately a rather good mate of mine resides in the  frosty UK and was happy for my royalties (a whole seven pounds *rubbing hands gleefully together* for the month of January) to go into her account.

Back to Brucet Banner, *sweeps up glass, boards up massive hole in window and borrows friend’s laptop*.

If you’re an Australian author wanting to publish with Amazon, I suggest taking an expensive holiday and opening an overseas account, or finding a foreign friend, or joining Anonymous and hacking an account to put all your hard earned royalties into it.

Tsk, tsk, Amazon. Give the Aussies A Go

Fair Dinkum.

Suck of the old sauce bottle and all that.



It’s Funny & Unique – Get In Quick

My second book – Funny Australian Letterboxes is here… available from Amazon.

If you need literature that is superbly crafted, profoundly moving and intellectual…. don’t buy this.

Promo: Free postage for the next 12 hours.

An amusing snapshot of unusual Australian letterboxes, comically captioned. Showcasing the weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly. Great conversation starter, coffee table book and an entertaining present for the hard-to-buy-for.

Click on the link below to take advantage of this short free shipping offer.

Take Me To Amazon


Green LB cover

Good Advice For All Authors



Are you slaving away on a book, dealing with  rejections or considering undergoing the hurdles and costs of self publishing?


Keep up your good attitude by:

  • Dealing With Rejection: When receiving a rejection letterI suggest adopting a mentality of ‘meh, pah whatever – their loss’, always alleviates the disappointment.


  • Keep Expectations Realistic: Landing an agent can take years and you may not sell many copies of your first book, etc, but the secret is to keep at it.


  • Bad Reviews: Everyone has a differing opinion and hey, your second book will always be better.


  • You May Not Make Very Much Money: Be prepared to price your book cheaply and give away free copies to generate interest and secure readers.


  • Hidden Costs In Self Publishing: If you self publish, keep in mind everything is going to cost more. After  the book is completed, marketing strategies will cost more time and money. Be prepared to fork out extra moolahs for your book, or research a more affordable option.


  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Self promote – ring newspapers, reviewers, radio shows to advertise your book.


  • Expect Unexpected Problems: Writing and publishing take longer than planned and don’t always run smoothly.


  • Too Much To Do And Not Enough Time … hey, that’s life.



Blogging Advice From Amazon

I self published with Amazon because it was relatively easy and super cheap.

Cost me next to nothing as compared with other Self Publishing Companies which charge  $800.00 up to $2000.00 smackers.

*opens wallet and the proverbial moths fly out*


Also Amazon offers some handy advice: 





Tips and hints are always handy when you’re a small time author blogging about self publishing exploits. Hope they help you too.



My Second Book Is Published!!!



 Self-published… but still published!

This is the proof (my trial print copy) for Funny Australian Letterboxes. In a couple of weeks, it will be available on Amazon – what FUN!


Funny Australian letterboxes



Note to self: Tuck those rogue grey hairs under when getting further publicity shots. 

And don’t wear pink. I hate pink.

How To Cope With Bad Reviews

I received my first two reviews on my offbeat thriller novel, THE ENTERPRISE.

My first review was great and the second one was quite brutal (but truthful).

I think I took it quite well. My expression was similar to this.


I would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career, that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide ~ Harper Lee.

All feedback, whether it be praise or criticism, is always helpful. Criticism initial stings but yields great rewards later on.