Time For A Bit Of Fun…


After slaving away on a novel for almost two years and recently publishing it, it’s time to do something fun:

 Funny Australian letterboxes.

Green LB cover


It’s an amusing collection of inventive and unique letterboxes that Australians proudly display in front of their homes. Showcasing the weird, wonderful and the downright ugly. Honestly, we Aussies have no class, no taste and a massive sense of humour.

I just published it as an eBook on Amazon and I’m awaiting the proof for the hard copy version.

I’ll receive it January 16th.

Apparently it is a scientific fact that the human eye misses typos, wording ect, when reading via a screen. The human eye doesn’t like pixels. So it’s a good idea to proof your work in the hard copy format – even if it does cost a small fee and a bit more time.

Feel like a unique read with great photographs guaranteed to put a smile on your face, pick up a copy for the introductory price of $2.99 from the link below.




Why You Won’t Get Likes On Your Amazon Book Page

Before you can like an Amazon book page, you need to open an account with them.


Riiiggghht… major barrier for us one click generation.


So the 8 people who took the time to open an account and click like on my ‘THE ENTERPRISE’ ebook page is AWESOME!


Cheers, have a great Christmas


KC Chris Watkins - The Enterprise Cover Art

Scoring ‘Likes’ On Amazon

Did I score 5000 likes on my Amazon book page?

By the end of yesterday I logged into my Amazon account and I scored… 5 likes, *punches air and wahoos*.

So chuffed. It’s my debut novel. I’m an unknown author so I’m stoked that five people took the time to like my debut novel THE ENTERPRISE.

It’s the little things.

A reader wrote on my Facebook wall  – “What a great pager-turner. So witty and engaging. Definitely has the makings of a movie.” (And I didn’t even pay them.)

That sentence alone is worth 5000 likes to me.



Published on Amazon

Hey everyone! My book got into the Amazon book ranking! Thanks for that. If I get over 5000 likes on the Amazon page (click on ‘THE ENTERPRISE link’ below and like it) I get a hard copy option offer for my readers.

5000 likes… Yes I laughed too.

My five friends and two fans (my mum and my cat) go to the link below and press the like button. Let’s get a grand total of 50 or 15!


Get this e-book available FREE from the 21st to the 25th December on Amazon.

FREE debut novel

I just published my book on Amazon as an e-book and as a promotion it will be FREE for five days starting from the 21st December 2012. After the 25th it will revert to the outrageous price of $2.99.

Enjoy it during your Christmas break and let me know what you think.

If you’re an e-junkie and love a cracking story, click the link below for your free Thriller/Mystery copy, available for all electronic readers.


KC Chris Watkins - The Enterprise Cover Art